Warp-Spasm: The Illustrated Work of Frank Harmon

Did a doodle of a Barbarian Woman that I decided to bring to final. I’m trying out a new painting technique that’s a lot faster, and I think it works pretty well. Ill probable do the same to a few other sketches in my books in the future.

Anyway, shes basically an excuse to draw a barbarian chick, while avoiding their usual twink or sometimes athletic frame.

I did this portrait of Bright Man for Mega Man Boss Battle. A gallery show depicting all things Mega Man, particularly the bosses. I never played Mega Man 4. I’ve only explored two, but unfortunately Wood Man and his ilk wear all taken by other artist. I had fun with this guy though, a lot of people miss it but this robot master is Russian. Luckily so is my sister in law so I was able to inscribe “Brightman” across his arm in Cyrillic.

I try to do a self portrait every year. This was done in 2011 when I wasn’t feeling too good about the lack of creativity at my job. It seemed like I was painting the same thing over and over again. So I painted a small fraction of the things I enjoy creating. A few of the things that make me, me.

This is a stupid joke that me and the other 7th grade boys had where Link was a vampire. Making widows of moblin woman and consuming the hearts of his victims. The 2d Zelda games have always been my favorites.

This one started out as a lazy experiment based off a groggy sketch of a disturbing dream. Plus Neal Armstrong had just died. I have a fascination with tentacles. Most contribute it to some weird hentai-sexual thing, but its really not. Tentacles represent an unknown area on a map. A place that needs exploration. A Place to be drawn, there be dragons.

A friend of mine asked me to “Draw me something horrible.” So I sketched this up in my book. I liked it so I decided to paint it up proper.

A piece I’ve done for The Murray Affair: click me. Lets play find the reference!

These are a few of my favorite characters I’ve created for the game HonorBound. This just the tip of the iceberg. There are over 500 characters in the game. I’ll be updating with more soon.

A game of my own design I pitched back in 2008. for the all important at the time Facebook "platform." Basically a heavily simplified original X-Com with cartoon violence. Ah well, could have been great! Still, art looks cool.

Some times you really like a lazy doodle. Then add color and put it on your website. This one is about a scantily clad lady riding a turtle. Enjoy!

Going through my some old drop box files, and I found some building concepts for a I worked on a year ago called “Fantasy Quest” by Playviews. More to come soon.

Here is the 2nd installment of my building roughs for ‘Fantasy Quest.’ These are the upgradeable buildings. It was important to have a drastic change/entirely new art asset for upgrades, while staying in the confines of the grid (usually 4x4). And not just a new roof, or bigger star, which is usually lame. Players will most likely pay hard currency, as opposed to in-game currency. Its best to give them there moneys worth.

I also like to have a set theme for an upgrade. For instance :

Dark Ages > Renascence > Fantastical

I could not find Temple 2, its lost to the ages now.

Hopefully I can find the .png stills for the Mage Tower 3 so I can make a .gif out the animation.

Castle upgrade concepts for ‘Fantasy Quest.’ To fit into a 7x7 Grid.