Warp-Spasm: The Illustrated Work of Frank Harmon
Let me be Frank.

All around nice guy: FRANK HARMON is an illustrator, world adventurer, and imagineer. Torn from the thigh of Zeus in 1983, Frank was thrown into East Texas. Growing up he discovered drawing as a good substitute for worthwhile endeavors like math and reading comprehension. Frank left Texas in 2003 seeking higher studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an artistic institution located somewhere in Illinois. Spending much of his time arting at Chicago Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry, where he uncovered an earth shattering secret. He has been leaving clues to the conspiracy in his paintings for future historians to decode. He plans to finish this momentis and convoluted project by 2032, if his other deadlines don’t interfere.

After he obtained a bright tan piece of sheepskin, he began his career as a freelance illustrator. Comic books, pen and paper role playing games, and the rare/coveted children’s books, Frank has done it all. Growing tired and needing a change of scenery, Frank quickly found steady work in the then emerging social gaming circuit of San Francisco in 2008. He currently doodles and works in “the Paris of the West,” and is a happy fellow for it.